Consumer MicroFolders

Consumer MicroFolders 

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Gooding makes it easy to put product information in the hands of the customer. While referred by a number of names – instruction sheets, use & care manuals, direction folders, instructions for use (IFUs), or just plain leaflets – at Gooding, we call them MicroFolders.
Gooding’s consumer MicroFolders have become a standard for manufacturing and retail companies nationwide. Our problem-solving ability, combined with the reliability that comes from our long-established use of lean manufacturing and our experience in the production industry make Gooding a natural choice for consumer MicroFolders. 

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We cater to all sorts of clients, no matter the nature of their production needs. Whether you create cosmetics, electronics, or specialty items, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. When it comes to MicroFolders, you can rely on our team to exceed your expectations.

Call 716-266-6252 to learn more about our production capabilities. Our team is standing by to address your requests.
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