Medical Device MicroFolders

Medical Device MicroFolders

The Trusted Source For Medical MicroFolders

With a long history as an approved supplier of MicroFolders for the medical industry, Gooding has met and exceeded the most stringent standards in manufacturing and printing. We’ve achieved this by applying current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) and implementing a consultative, problem-solving approach that has helped our clients become more cost-effective and attain measurable results. We have translated this success into the creation of materials for healthcare products and the development of packaging solutions for medical outlets of all kinds.

Learn More About Our Technology & Controls

Over the years, we’ve invested in specialized technology and equipment for printing MicroFolders, including the following tools and materials. Our materials will help you align with all necessary regulations and packaging policies.
  • Vijuk folders allowing for up to 266-panel RTAs
  • Electronic pre-press
  • Web-fed presses
  • Bar code creation and verification
  • Count verification
  • Online ordering
  • Short run digital printing for medical device informational pamphlets and DFU (Directions For Use)
  • A part 21 CFR-compliant optical comparator that scans all press sheets and provides a pixel-to-pixel match of master approved documents
  • A Perfecta cutting system providing added productivity and accuracy through the binding process
The Latest Control Processes

Thanks to our rigid and thorough quality control standards, which are a proven combination of strict guidelines and checks and balances, you will access high-quality products – on time and on budget. Gooding has consistently passed the most critical audits because of these controls.

Following CGMP, we adhere to stringent standards at every step of every project. All materials are rigorously segregated and quarantined. We also incorporate total documentation control into the production process, which is why we say “If you didn’t document it, you didn’t do it.” No order goes out the door without meticulous traceability.

Other Controls
  • Rigorous quality controls
  • Temperature and humidity controls
  • Pest control
  • Secured room
  • Inventory control
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